Sanamax is committed to providing an effective pain cream that doesn’t burn or irritate the skin. Our product contains a unique scented aroma that has a cooling and soothing effect. In short we wan to create awareness that a pain cream doses’t have to burn cold and hot and smell strong to be effective at relieving aches and pains.



Anti-Inflammatory Properties are Abundant in Nature

Our patented formula contains 12 Essential Oils… from 10 different countries around thWorld!

The ScienceSubstance P (SP) is a neurotransmitter that quickly travels from the site of an injury to your brain that creates the uncomfortable sensation pain. From a small pin prick to a severely broken bone, varying degrees of pain are a natural part of our everyday lives.

The ProblemPrescriptions and over-the-counter medications merely block the pain receptors rather than the reduction of Substance P, resulting in increasing levels of Substance P. This causes one to feel increased levels of pain when the medication wears off, causing the individual to increase their level of medication consumption.

To make matters even worse the human body cannot reduce the Substance P on its own. This means the longer you experience pain, the more likely you are to consume more pain relievers, and more Substance P builds up within your body.

The pain won’t go away until your problem area starts to heal.

The ConcernWhen applied topically other OTC pain relieving products contain high levels of menthol, camphor and capsaicin. These chemicals burn and irritate your sensitive skin and they have that terrible smell of medicine.  

Sanamax alleviates this heated issue by using essential oils that contain high levels of anti-inflammatory properties without a harsh burning sensation or pharmaceutical smell.

The SolutionA proven and effective way to reduce Substance P is from naturally derived essential oils that contain anti-inflammatory properties. We call this essential oil based pain therapy.  According to research, when applied topically, the essential oils found in our cream penetrate the 7 layers of skin and actually reduces the presence of Substance P in the body, by temporarily reducing the inflammation of the nerves that produce it.

The end result provides temporary pain relief, increased mobility, and a very pleasant aromatherapy style scent.

Sanamax– contains only 0.9% (less than 1 percent) menthol.  Our research has concluded that this is a safe level because it doesn’t significantly mask pain which can lead to greater injury and/or increased levels of Substance P.  There are many topical lotions that contain up to 10% Menthol and some contain even highly levels.

We recommend that, if you engage in physical activity, you should be very cautious about using a topical pain relief product that has a menthol level greater than one percent (1.0%) for reasons given.

Menthol Levels
Sanamax 0.9%
Sombra 3% Warning 6% Cooling
Casting Cooling 5%
Icy Hot 7.5%
Ben Gay (original) 10%
BioFreeze 3.5% – Spray 10%